Yet Another Smart Process EditoR
beta releases since Yasper 1.0 - for testing only
Yasper 2.1b6 (r4075)
(for .NET 2.0)
August 16, 2013
  • Fix some bugs in subnet creation and flattening.
  • Fix a recently introduced bug, reported by Gys Hough. (Thanks!)
  • Make Visio export more or less work again. (Should we keep it?)
  • Re-enable copying subnets by dragging them from the treeview.
  • Make dragging from the interaction patterns treeview work almost as desired (patterns and 'pattern halves' are being copied now).
  • (The collection of interaction patterns is still a mess; it will be cleaned up once testing has finished!)
  • Add 4 experimental options to the Options menu (please test!):
    • Center to diagram automatically;
    • Scale to diagram automatically;
    • Select block contents automatically; and
    • Replace node under pointer with workflow automatically,
      which implements roughly what should happen when an interaction pattern is dragged onto an existing place or transition - except that the operation is over-eager when applied elsewhere and that the positioning of the new material isn't yet being paid attention to.
  • Add a keyboard shortcut for Save As.
  • When dragging onto the diagram, show the dragged content upon entry.
  • Redo many details regarding clicking and dragging within the diagram, e.g.:
    • Connect is now Alt-click instead of Ctrl-click!
    • Ctrl-click now behaves like Shift-click!
    • Upon dragging, add the node being pointed at to the selection.
    These changes make Yasper friendlier to users of other diagram editors.
    Note that Alt-drag and Ctrl-drag haven't changed in meaning.
  • After the connect operation, select the node pointed at; this is more natural.
  • Add several right-click menu commands to modify the selection; these are applied as part of modification operations, such as selecting components and 'x-block components', which also use rectangle-element memberships.
  • Add several new modification commands, some corresponding to the commands applied automatically when certain options are turned on.
  • Make copying and subnet wrapping/unwrapping support interface nodes better.
  • Add merging of interface nodes (but not, yet, of their contents - tell me how).
  • No longer shift document contents to/from all-positive when writing/reading PNML.
  • Support copy and paste between Yasper and Notepad (or other text editors).
  • Several more small bugfixes and enhancements.
  • More small, hopefully invisible, changes under the hood to ease implementation.
  • Add a section on interaction patterns to chapter 1 in the manual, explaining the basics - but not nearly all features are implemented, and some changes to the GUI details have been made.
  • Note that much of chapter 2, while receiving incidental updates, is still out of date; it is not feasible to keep up with the improvements to editing, some of which are experimental anyway.
Yasper 2.1b5 (r4005)
(for .NET 2.0)
June 13, 2013 Work in progress! (Holidays interfering ...)
Fixes small bugs, many related to pins.
Adds a new (tentative) 'autofit' layout feature.
Adds new 'interface' objects that will be used to implement 'interaction patterns', and operations to create and dissolve them.
Adds a new widget that lists predefined interaction patterns (but does not yet allow them to be viewed or implemented).
Note that the manual is still out of date.
Yasper 2.1b4
(for .NET 2.0)
May 15, 2013 Fixes a handful of small bugs.
No more firing sequence support (it was broken by design).
Drawing shadows is now optional.
Yasper 2.1b3
(for .NET 2.0)
May 3, 2013 Fixes a few bugs from previous betas.
(Note that EMF diagrams can be copied to Word, but not to Visio yet.)
Yasper 2.1b2 Apr 9, 2013 Fixes some bugs in the previous beta (both in Yasper and in the brand new InstallShield setup).
Adds a few commands (file dropping and EMF copying).
Yasper 2.1b1
Mar 1, 2013 Also includes the Pnml2Any, PnmlViewer and YasSim utilities.
The result of internal rewriting in preparation for further development;
only intended as a milestone for testing the next beta;
contains the bugs in 2.0b23 plus additional bugs introduced by the rewrite.
Yasper 2.0b23
(for .NET 1.1 or .NET 2.0)
Wed Apr 26, 2012 Support PNML 2.0 (a test file produced by ProM can now be read).
Files written by this version cannot be read by older versions of Yasper!
Yasper 2.0b22
(only for .NET 2.0)
YasperLite 2.0b22
(only for .NET 2.0)
YasSim 2.0b22
(only for .NET 2.0)
Pnml2Any 2.0b22
(only for .NET 2.0)
Tue Sep 14, 2010 used for ACPN 2010;
restore net-wide effect of FIFO consumption setting
fix the node expansion operations
no longer reuse old DLLs after upgrading (this would cause exceptions until the next reboot)
restore Yasper 1.0 file format compatibility
some smaller fixes
Yasper 2.0b20
(for .NET 1.1 or .NET 2.0)
YasperLite 2.0b20
(only for .NET 2.0)
YasSim 2.0b20
(only for .NET 2.0)
Pnml2Any 2.0b20
(only for .NET 2.0)
Fri Sep 10, 2010 many small bugfixes
remove rewind/unrewind in automatic simulation mode (they were not well defined)
Alt-drag edit command; open file by dragging
partially updated manual
Yasper 2.0b17
(for .NET 1.1 or .NET 2.0)
YasperLite 2.0b17
(only for .NET 1.1)
YasSim 2.0b17
(only for .NET 1.1)
Pnml2Any 2.0b17
(only for .NET 1.1)
Feb 26, 2008 (invisible:) change properties with arguments to sub/function pairs
experiment with tabbed interface for automatic simulation reporting
add a transition firing counter report
add sponsor logo
Yasper 2.0b16 Feb 25, 2008 Everything in 2.0b17 (!) plus an additional automatic reporter.
Issued to a particular customer; not available here.
Yasper 2.0b15
for .NET 1.1 or
for .NET 2.0)

Jan 18, 2008 Added the Synchronous Product: for a selection of subnets the synchronous product is calculated and added as a subnet.
Yasper 2.0b14
(for .NET 1.1 or .NET 2.0)
Nov 9, 2007 Two bugfixes (problems with rightclick, undo, and save). and slight enhancements.
Yasper 2.0b13
YasSim 2.0b13
(for .NET 1.1 or .NET 2.0)
Pnml2Any 2.0b13
(for .NET 1.1 or .NET 2.0)
Oct 31, 2007 A handful of small bugfixes; invisible code changes in preparation for more portability (to C#, to Mono, to other vector graphics backends, and towards pluggable features). and slight enhancements.
Yasper 2.0b12
YasSim 2.0b12
Apr 24, 2007 Bugfixes (e.g. timed XOR simulation was still broken) and slight enhancements.
Yasper 2.0b11
YasSim 2.0b11
Feb 21, 2007 Bugfixes (e.g. timed simulation was broken!) and slight enhancements.
Yasper 2.0b10
YasSim 2.0b10
Pnml2Any 2.0b10
Jan 18, 2007 Small bugfixes.
Also provides updates for the command line tools.
Yasper 2.0b9 Jan 9, 2007 The new Options->Nodes are resizable option makes the selection rectangle much more useful.
Arc points are now created when dragging on a single arc (a feature stolen from CPN Tools).
Whether to use FIFO case selection during simulation is now an explicit option.
Fixes several bugs.
Yasper 2.0b8 Dec 6, 2006 Bugfixes in rolebox execution.
Add a secret feature (it is useful, but not production quality).
Yasper 2.0b7 Nov 28, 2006 Remember center of diagram (like older versions used to do).
Bugfixes in role assignment dialog.
Improved and extended role selector functionality in manual gameplay.
Yasper 2.0b6 Nov 24, 2006 Add support for mCRL2 colouring (but no syntax checking or any other support of any kind);
rework gameplay to make it more extensible (random production picking is temporarily disabled);
enable resizing on any node and even some arcs (just to show how impractical it is, if you have an idea how to do proper resizing support let us know!)
(replaces yesterday's version, which didn't write subnets to file correctly)
Yasper 2.0b5
YasSim 2.0b5
Pnml2Any 2.0b5
Oct 9, 2006 Reinstate transition-based XOR (for now);
add basic .lola import/export, .cpn export, and .emf export;
slightly simplify manual simulation (remove separate XOR selection step);
various smaller bugfixes
YasSim 2.0b4 Oct 4, 2006 Like Yasper, converts transition-based XORs to subnet-based XORs (more testing needed).
Like Yasper, fixes a bug that caused all tokens to be collected twice.
Yasper 2.0b4 Sep 26, 2006 Switch from transition-based XORs to subnet-based XORs.
Further improvements in subnet XOR handling (more testing needed).
Scale specification for bitmap export (experimental, will probably disappear).
Fix the scrollbar disappearance.
Yasper 2.0b3 Sep 24, 2006 Firing sequence replay is now into a useable state.
Extend the definition of subnet XORs to allow empty presets and empty postsets; they are to replace transition-based XORs but both are present at the moment.
Scale specification for bitmap export (experimental, will probably disappear).
Yasper 2.0b2 Sep 18, 2006 Small bugfixes, e.g. in subnet arc handling on copy or merge.
Even more robust application of reduction rules for arbitrary nets.
Support horizontal scrolling with shift-scrollwheel.
YasSim 2.0b1 Sep 12, 2006 Some additional options, such as progress counters.
Yasper 2.0b1 Sep 11, 2006 More robust application of reduction rules in nets with special objects.
Some (not yet complete) support for XOR subnets. Weighted transition selection during simulation, amongst other things.
Make Yasper run on Linux under the latest Mono. (Some things don't work properly, e.g. arc ends aren't being displayed.)
Various other fixes and refactorings.
Yasper 2.0b0 Aug 21, 2006 Fix the problems with scrolling.
Rudimentary firing sequence recording and replay (not yet usable).
Some more reduction rules.
Many refactorings + other changes (e.g. made to compile and run under .NET 2.0) that are not supposed to be user-visible (please report if they are!)
Yasper 1.4b8 July 7, 2006 Bugfixes.
Yasper 1.4b7 July 5, 2006 Bugfix in automatic arc merging. Improved screen updating - this should get rid of disappearing scrollbars and other annoyances.
Yasper 1.4b6
Pnml2Any 1.4b6
June 30, 2006 Trivial firing sequence playback.
Treat node overlap fixing like other layout fixing, and make it work better.
Yasper 1.4b5 June 16, 2006 Adds some editing commands, for convenience.
Yasper 1.4b4
YasperLite 1.4b4
YasSim 1.4b4
May 15, 2006 Small fixes: "nearly-original" reset arc drawing style, improved arc end point scaling, removed drag/drop from the tree view, removed single-character diagram commands, allow and visually mark mixed-case XORs, never jump to time infinite when there's nothing to do, etc.
Yasper 1.4b3
YasperLite 1.4b3
YasSim 1.4b3
Apr 21, 2006 Bugfix: inhibitor and reset pins weren't working correctly.
Yasper 1.4b2
YasperLite 1.4b2
YasSim 1.4b2
Mar 28, 2006 Bugfix in YasSim (the simulation wasn't being initialized properly).
Bugfix in all three (multiple timed inputless transitions weren't being enabled correctly).
Yasper 1.4b1
YasperLite 1.4b1
YasSim 1.4b1
Mar 27, 2006 Bugfix (time was advancing too fast during simulation).
Updated YasperLite (automatic simulation only);
added YasSim, a command line simulator.
Yasper 1.4b0
Pnml2Any 1.4b0
Mar 27, 2006 Tiny bugfixes (+ some refactoring under the hood);
updated Pnml2Any, a command line file format converter.
Yasper 1.3b9 Mar 22, 2006 Adds a text field to set the diagram scale. Adds some (experimental) workflow reduction operations. An emitor is now an emitter. Role copying fixed.
Yasper 1.3b8 Feb 10, 2006 Improves node name placement. Various fixes in arc handling.
Yasper 1.3b7 Jan 30, 2006 Fixes text comment editing.
Yasper-1.3b6 Jan 27, 2006 Reintroduces automatic arc merging, but improves it. Some improvements to the property sheets.
Yasper 1.3b5 Jan 19, 2006 Handles arc type changes better. Prevents crashing on ambiguous Regional Settings for decimal numbers.
Yasper 1.3b4 Dec 12, 2005 Adds Desel/Esparza abstraction, and pre- and post-queries; fixes some small bugs.
Yasper 1.3b3 Dec 9, 2005 Fixes some bugs with the new features.
Yasper 1.3b2 Dec 7, 2005 Makes most right-click operations take effect on the whole selection. Speeds up processing on larger nets.
Yasper 1.3b1 Nov 10, 2005 Optionally allows multiple flow arcs between the same nodes.
Yasper 1.3b0 Nov 3, 2005 Makes emitors and collectors implicitly defined. Removes the many syntactic restrictions imposed on them. Generalizes emitor behaviour to arbitrary timed inputless transitions. Token game behaviour is supposed to be unchanged (except when such transitions are present, in which case simulation would just amass tokens inside of them). Allows automatic simulations on arbitrary nets. Improves grid alignment handling on copy/paste, open, and other actions. Warning: very little testing has been done for this beta.
Yasper 1.2b9
YasperLite 1.2b9
Pnml2Any 1.2b9
Oct 7, 2005 Fixes some minor bugs; many other minor bugs remain. YasperLite omits editing and manual simulation, only providing automatic simulation. Pnml2Any provides some command line conversion utilities, mainly useful for image (bitmap) generation.
Yasper 1.2b8 Sep 28, 2005 Improves printing and image exporting; adds a center on diagram function.
Yasper 1.2b7 Sep 13, 2005 Improves resizing and snapping of rectangles.
Yasper 1.2b6 Sep 8, 2005 Fixed text comments. Adds rectangles.
Yasper 1.2b5 Aug 15, 2005 Adds text comments (bug: their PNML syntax is broken.)
Yasper 1.2b4 Aug 12, 2005 Adds EPS export.
Yasper 1.2b2 July 15, 2005 Makes diagram scaling work right.
Yasper 1.2b1 May 23, 2005 Supports diagram scaling.
Yasper 1.1b1SE May 20, 2005 Improves arc name positioning. Extra pretty edition.
Yasper 1.1b1 May 19, 2005 Allows the user to draw arcs between a place and a transition even when there is an existing reset/ inhibitor arc.
The Connections interface for transitions also supports such connections now. A bug has been fixed concerning pin names and pin properties.
note: beta versions tend to fail during presentations